Albert Einstein quote

To put everything in balance is good. To put everything in harmony is better.

-Victor Hugo

Harmony is a combination of different musical notes played or sung at the same time to produce a pleasing sound. Harmony is a pleasing combination or arrangement of different things. Harmony in business is produced by leaders who are “peace makers” not “peace keepers”.

Leaders make peace by how they communicate and by how skilled they are at resolving conflict. Nothing else matters. It does not matter how good a person they are. It does not matter how long they have been in their position, how well they are liked, their level of education or technical skills, or even past successes in business. What matters most, and supplants everything else, is a level of knowledge, skills, and abilities in resolving conflict. A leader is a conflict manager, mediator, and must be a truth seeking respect building peace maker.

An ability to manage conflict is the single most important management skill an individual must learn if they are leading people. It is a skill, not a personality. M. Scott Peck wrote meeting and solving problems call forth our courage and our wisdom; indeed, they create our courage and our wisdom. It is only because of our problems that we grow mentally and spiritually. It is through the pain of confronting and resolving problems that we learn. Leaders responsible for results through consequences of their decisions is the ONLY way those results will improve.

Every day across our wonderful world individuals have opportunities to work and earn income. They are put under the leadership of others, and it is my passion to make whatever difference I can make, to insist that leaders be held accountable for results. Leaders who are not accountable for results will blame shift and tell you they have bad employee(s). This is a poor argument. They are attacking the individual instead of attacking the issues. When performance on a team is poor and the leader blames others, you can determine the leader lacks training, resources, or is in the wrong position. Because if it were true, they had a poor performing employee(s), a good leader knows how to confront poor performance and will be successful in either bringing the performance up to standards or in managing the employee out of the company. Therefore, there would not be a “bad employee” on the team.

In the end, for business to thrive in a community and for the families of working individuals to be stable and flourish, leaders must be held accountable for results. They must be held accountable for supporting the careers of those they serve and for instilling trust in those they lead. They do not take lightly the fact that each and every day their team shows up to perform work for pay. They left somewhere else to do so. Resolving conflict that exists due to our diversity requires careful examination of the issues and implementation of continuous measurement of results. This is economic development. A leader exemplifies an organization’s human dignity, and has the power to help us grow a peace keeping community of talented individuals working cooperatively for the good of us all. -The Winning Way


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