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Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.

(Proverbs 31:31)


Women’s Leadership Development

Hey, life is messy. It is also wonderful awesome beautiful and terrible, sometimes in the same day.  We gotcha!  This is why we created A Girlfriends Guide to Work & Play, a coaching program offering support and guidance for women in the areas of personal development, personal image development, growth, and motivation.  Work and life balance does not happen outside of us, it happens within us, and happiness cannot be what you are chasing, we know it is the result of meaningful work and play!  In fact, one definition of happiness is that it is “fortunate and convenient” and I am not sure about you but we can tell you there is very little in life as a mother and a wife that is fortunate or convenient (laugh here).  It is what it is, one of our founding principles, and we can sure have more fun doing it, so we provide members with online information, tools, and resources, to help you live your best life, live your dreams, sing your songs, and bring some girlfriends along with you!In addition to connecting with us on our website, we are currently creating an app.  Our goal is to use coaching and meaningful connection for our members, as they work toward achieving a specific personal and professional goal s and resolving conflict, helping them become their most powerful self, where they protect their interests and change what is not working.

It is not what happens to you in life; it is how you respond.   Each of us has the right to be and the power to become.  Calm is a superpower.  God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind  (2 Timothy 1:7).  Therefore, work for your highest and greatest good.

Kim and Becky are active and sports minded with a laser focus on wellness.  For Kim, it was running her first marathon in 2000 where everything began to synthesize.  Her vision had been to run the race in a manner worthy of winning a prize.Breathe you got this


Life was difficult and there was little outside myself I had control over, so I began to take myself on.  I decided to prepare for the most so I would be ready for anything less.  I wanted to make a difference so bad I began to run, one mile at a time, eventually up to thirty-five miles a week.  I enrolled in college and put myself through a competitive process.  I trained to run races.  For me, it was not about beating others, it was about beating myself.  It was less about winning, and more about performing the very best I could.  It became about setting standards for myself, planning, training, preparation, and much practice.  I had a drive for results because losing simply was not an option.  At the finish line of my first marathon, I found I had only just reached the starting line   -Kim Pilcher

In 2012, Kim worked with their insurance carriers and key individuals representing each department and division and together, in 2013, they developed the City of Panama City’s first voluntary employee Wellness Program.  In 2014 they reached a 79% participation rate and in 2015, with critical support from the top, their program reached an astounding of 89% participation rate.  By 2016 this Wellness Program achieved an unheard of 100% participation rate. This performance management risk reduction strategy has decreased employees with a high risk of injury and illness and has increased percentage in low to moderate risk.  Reduced liability and an engaged employee base have resulted in increased workplace safety, lower workers’ compensation claims, fewer fleet accidents, and improved productivity.  This drive for results has driven down costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced premium across all lines of insurance coverage.  Along with the development of parks, sidewalks, and bike lanes, creating wellness opportunities for their 555 employees has resulted in the City of Panama City being the first municipality in NW Florida to be awarded Florida Surgeon’s Healthy Weight Community Champion Recognition Award, and to receive this award four years in a row.  The City of Panama City efforts reported in both local media and press, Kim was eventually featured in MVP Magazine’s Fit At Any Age in April 2017 to share how fitness goals have their end in wellness.

As a girlfriend’s best friend and trusted confidantes, Kim and Becky are coaches with a commitment to help women in the areas of love (all relationships), life (hobbies, health, beauty, fitness, wellness, community service, ect.), and finances.  A Girlfriend’s Guide to Work & Play is a training and motivation program, along with an upcoming supporting workbook and other fun fashion products designed for women, aimed at purpose, presence, and power.  Our coaching program is designed to improve response + ability.  Our leadership development/conflict management training program called Super Chick® along with Smart Cookies® prepares young girls and women to live in a world where women shine.  We can end pay disparity where it exists, increasing numbers of women in elected positions on the local, state, and federal levels, and increase the percentage of women leading Fortune 500 companies and serving on corporate boards.  We can help women look for career options where they can work schedules that help them be there for their children and earn the kind of living that will provide opportunities for advancement.  With support and resources, women can seek out and find options that do not exist to them today.  We know first hand, lack of support + few Resources = victimization.

A Girlfriends Guide to Work & Play is aimed at providing

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