Smart Cookies®

Girl and Wall Street bull

Around 2006 I began to understand there are women we recognize as Smart Cookies®  I do not recall anyone formally explaining what one is, but we know when we are or have been in the presence of one!

I believe Smart Cookies® are women, young and advanced, who have developed personally in all three areas of life- LOVE (relationships)  + LIFE (health/wellness/nutrition)  +   FINANCES (career/education).

Smart Cookies®   provides training and development in the area of personal growth and motivation consulting services.  Hey, life is messy. Smart Cookies® get that and go with it, in fact, they enjoy the ride.  We focus on helping women and youth understand self-fulfillment and personal growth is a result of their most powerful self.  Life can be ugly, beautiful, awesome, wonderful, painful, hurtful and awful all in the same day! Smart Cookies®   are internally regulated and do not need  the world or others to start or stop doing so they can get a grip!

Smart Cookies® go with it because they understand how to laugh and they don’t take things personally.  They know how to keep others’ ideas and expectations external, and they are skilled at making things fun.  They see the unthinkable as obvious, and make the unknown known.  What enemy could they not face!

Contact us to find out more about our Smart Cookies® leadership development training for young girls and teens in the areas of body safety health education, and to schedule a coaching opportunity for yourself or your leadership team.  We would love to discuss opportunities for us to provide empowerment and assertiveness training.  Professional development begins early and can help to set a course that will change the direction of every young girl’s life in the area of wealth and finances, career and education.


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