Super Chick®

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The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else,

which makes you unique    -Walt Disney

Super Chick® is personal growth and motivation coaching for women.  We work with individuals and organizations to provide personal image consulting and leadership development, executive coaching, both in-person and on-line.  Our workshops and conferences are interactive, fun-filled, and support growth, creativity, and improved interpersonal communication.

A Super Chick® is competent, solution-oriented, creative, healing, nurturing, and compassionate. Our coaching is  interactive and power building, i helps identify areas of helplessness, dependency,  and self-destructive habits that produce internal states of powerlessness that in the long run, make situations worse.  Super Chick® offers heightened awareness of self and others to create immunity to emotional abuse and incapable of abusing substances or other people.

Contact us for more information on Executive Coaching, and to find out about planning your next Women’s Leadership Conference and A Girlfriend’s Guide to Work & Play Workshop in your area.

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