Women’s Leadership Development

Response + Ability

It has been my experience that women, more than men, take issues at work and make them personal instead of understanding it is simply business. Not surprisingly, men and women alike, see women as difficult to manage and at times, are perceived as aggressive rather than assertive as supervisors. It is a sad state of affairs when women believe they can trust other women less than anyone else they know. Effective conflict management is not gender specific nor an inherent personality giftedness. It is simply acquired personal and professional skills. It is competency, the result of developing increased levels of power, internal regulation, and commitment to make our lives and the lives of others better through our orientation toward growth, creativity, and increasing levels of compassion.

It is our belief that lack of conflict management skills and a learned habit of thinking of conflict and competition as a personal threat may very likely have its root in thousand’s of years of financial powerlessness personally, socially, and politically. Conflict and competition are valuable friends, helping us look for need(s) not currently met. It’s not personal; it’s business.

There is an art of war. A woman’s tendency to introvert and get in her own head trying to figure out confrontation, even abuse, so she can learn what might “really be driving” the current conflict, is a lack of boundaries due needing coaching for personal and professional development. This type of dependency slows down and kills productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. It is a self-sabotaging habit of thought, creating a sense of helplessness because it cannot end the conflict. Dependency, depression, and self-destructive behaviors stem from a weak modality. Our training will support you on your journey to your most powerful self.


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